Vimeusian development

To the eve of the revolution of 1789, 320 shops function at the heart of the Vimeu, they are distributed of the following way:

Belloy 94, Ault 38, Tully 15, Béthencourt 48, Escarbotin 16,
Dargnies 14, Friville 15, Fressenneville 42,

During the XIX th century, two essential factors are going to contribute to this development:

- The apparition of the steam-powered machine in the middle of the XIX th

- The line of railroad between Abbeville and The Tréport

This line is going to permit the routing of the products finished toward the capital and the different French regions on the one hand and, on the other hand, to be useful to receive the raw materials.
In 1850, close to 5000 workers men and women are used in the Vimeu.

To all this, it is necessary to add:

- the arrival many engineers searching for the hand of work. qualified to develop their ideas. It is for example the case of the DENY enterprise that, today as in the past, produced of the precision locks.

- of the big enterprises that relocate their production in the Vimeu

- of the investors who see in this region of excellent perspectives

The production also begins to diversify around the core of the locksmith and every village has its specialty:

Fressenneville is specialized in the padlock
Feuquières in Vimeu, the safety,
Dargnies and Woincourt, the key,
Embreville, the padlock,
Friville, the copper foundry,

This organization will be valid until 1920 about.



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