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"You have something at home that comes from our region! ”

Although the locksmith is the soul of this region, it is also indispensable to speak of the plumbing because the Vimeu is the main supplier of faucet in France.
Contrary to the locksmith, the history of the plumbing is a lot less precise. One knows solely that in 1938 about, three Mates of France who were neither smelters nor manufacturers of valves and fittings, stop in Friville.

To the origin, they had to dispense their knowledge; but no one knows why, they start manufacturing some faucets.
This activity is going to develop itself at the same time as the lock and to take back as it a real success.

The Vimeu produces today of the classic sanitary plumbing and prestige, the faucets and the meters of gas.

Nowadays, even though the region is competed (Italy and Spain mainly), it always possesses a dominant place. For proof, many powerful industrial groups try to invest more and more in the Vimeu.

200 small and middle enterprises use today about 8000 to 10 000 salaried employees and produce:

- 70% of the French locksmith
- 80% of the automotive locksmith
- 85% of faucets and meters of gas
- 75% of the sanitary plumbing
- 80% of the security groups for fire-chamber water

The Vimeu, it is also the whole hardware of furnishings, the upperworks , 80% of the door frames and the first European manufacturer of mail-boxes.

We will finish this presentation while addressing our sincere acknowledgments to Mr Quennehen, director of the museum of the Vimeu. Former worker of the Vimeu, he makes live this museum benevolently with a rare passion !


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