Chronology of success

After World War I, as after all wars, there are numerous evolutions: the techniques evolve, the population evolves, some enterprises disappear while others become implanted but the region doesn't lose its dynamism.

The steam-powered machine goes little by little to fade away to let place to electricity and the current water gets settled in the homes as in the enterprises.

Mentalities also begin to change: the enterprises structure themselves, possess networks of representatives and want to conquer new parts of market. Every village doesn't confine itself more solely as before to a traditional manufacture. The factories enlarge, have several activities and choke the small craftsmen.

He between two war is going to start fundamental changes therefore in the Vimeu but it is after World War II that he/it takes his/its flight completely.

After five years of blackness and occupation, France is to rebuild and the economy takes little by little. The tools of production are improved but especially, one modernizes the techniques of merchandising. The orders flow of all parts, the enterprises enlarge and modernize themselves not letting any place anymore to the handicraft.
The demand of work hand is so strong that it is necessary to lead astray the workers living to more of 30 km of their factories, what at the time is not current, sometimes.
Some enterprises even possess their own buses and organize them even the transportation of their workers.
The region works for the marine, the building, the SNCF, the furnishings, the car, the cycle…

During these years pomps, the vimeusienne industry knew how to acquire an excellent fame thanks to a knowledge to make unique, an excellent quality of manufacture and a continual creativeness.


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Rose windows