Industrial Vimeu

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Industrial Vimeu

Coastal region limited at the Northeast by the SUM and to the Southwest by the Bresle, the VIMEU owes its name to the Vimeuse, flowing from the Bresle.
Situated to 65 km of Amiens, the regional capital, the Vimeu is to 150 km of Paris.

The oldest traces of locksmiths have been recovered in Nibas in 1430.

Since the end XVI th century, an artisanal industry of locksmith becomes implanted in the Vimeu and develop himself with the passage of the Spanish come to fight in Flanders and that stopped to St. Valéry on sum. They allowed the few locksmiths who existed to improve but they especially taught to the peasants of the time the art to work metal and to make the locksmith.
The locksmith is not going to remain to St. Valéry on sum, one knows today the progress that it followed: St. Blimont, Fressenneville, Friville then the rest of the region.

Yet, nothing predestined the Vimeu to this metallurgic future: no mine of metal, no ore in soil.

It is necessary to wait for the end of the XVII th but especially the XVIII ème century so that the locksmith takes all his/her/its size thanks to the craftsmen and peasants who are going to be going to sell their product in Paris. The Parisian hardware merchants, seduced by the quality and the creativeness of the products, are going to sell more and more locks and are going to ask the craftsmen even to produce more.

The problem is at the time that the locksmiths are either of small craftsmen, either of the agriculturists whom manufactures some locks that the winter when the works of the fields are less important.
To surmount this obstacle, the Parisian hardware merchants are going to finance the small craftsmen to allow them to spread their production. Some peasants even stop their agricultural activity to dedicate itself/themselves solely to the locksmith.

The region is going therefore to develop itself/themselves, appealing now of the big enterprises as the Fleury establishments, founded in 1788 and known today under the name of Laperche. In spite of all, the handicraft will remain very present until the XX th century.



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