The "zero dismissal"

Introduction to the zero dismissal

The ecosystems receive a quantity of polluting elements natural or directly descended of the washing of anthropic pollutions . They constitute real machines to transform matter dissolved in water.

Today, he/it is recognized 400 plants capable to accumulate in their cloths of the elements qualified of dangerous and same toxic.

These plants develop the complex ecosystems in which it is not necessary to disregard the cortege of micro-organisms, bugs and vertebrates, as well as the edaphic support.

The system zero dismissal will use the capacity of these natural formations to develop itself/themselves in an abnormally loaded environment and to evapo-prespire a yearly quantity of water.


General principles of the zero dismissal

The ecosystems act like real filter where the mineral and organic elements are:

  • Is damaged and clear soups by an intense biologic activity,

  • Is fixed in the substrata very rich in adsorbants materials.

The efficiency of the system rests on the adequacy many cycles of life and on the capacity natural of living beings to adapt to their middle of life.

The evapo -prespiration will result from the health of the plants and the global development of the biomass.

This efficiency resides in the balance of the ecosystem where all actors are useful to the survival of the other.



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