Our solution for environment

An innovating solution to protect our environment

Applications to the industrial environment

This method permits to treat dismissals charged in definite elements.

This method can adapt to all type of industrial dismissal.

The knowledge perfected of the sewage drives the species by choice and to the method of culture. The conjugation of these two variables increases the possibilities of treatment and therefore the suppleness of the system.


Possibilities of adaptation

In an industrial context, the level of dismissal is often fixed by the law and by decree.

The industrial is resulted therefore from the respect of the texts that fixes him objectives of purification.

In the multitude of choice that the phytoremediation brings, it is always possible to adapt a system of treatment to the thus fixed objectives.

The most advanced gait brings to the" zero dismissal ".


Zero dismissal

This principle is the total evaporation of the water fraction of the sewage by the plants.

He/it drags:

A choice of the plants according to their capacities of adaptation after a precise analysis of the chemical loads of the sewage,

A dimensionality in report to:

the capacity of evapo-prespiration (definite by the biomass),
the mastery of the concentrations in the biomass and in the substrata,
the mastery of the climate.


Tabular of the system

Synoptique du système zéro rejet

First phase

Ferry tampon, Filter, Basin of storage, possibility of ventilation,

This phase prepares the sewage to his/her/its treatment in the basins of evapo-prespiration.

She/it controls the debit of it, homogenize the load,
She/it contributes to the reduction of this load by chemical filtration,
She/it permits, if the nature of the pollutant justifies it, to satisfy the DBO of l 'sewage.

The storage of the sewage permits to absorb the seasonal irregularities of evapo-prespiration.

Première phase zéro rejet

Second phase

The evapo-prespiration of the water fraction of the sewage

Deuxième phase zéro rejet

Circulation of the sewage

The distribution of the chemical load in the installation must be homogeneous.

The pumps responsible for the circulation of the sewage, function by sequence. They are enslaved by controllers of sewage levels in every basin.

The debit of circulation is from 10 to 30 times superior to the one of the food in sewage of the installation. This difference of debit permits a dilution perfected of the chemical load on the set of the basins of evapo-prespiration.

The sewage is distributed in depth in a very filterable coarse substratum assuring a regular distribution. This system permits an ascending filtration of the sewage and therefore a fixing of the elements in depth.

The sewage is collected then in surface of the second basin of evapo-prespiration and is recycled in the basin of storage.

Zéro rejet - circulation de l'effluent

The securities of the system

The phase 1 of the system permits to ascertain the quality of the sewage
who is going to nourish the basins of evapo-prespiration.

A permanent measure of the saltiness of the sewage in the ferry tampon permits to discover all accident of purification rigorously within the factory.

When the doorstep supportable of concentration is passed, a retraining of the sewage toward the station of the factory engages itself automatically. Of this fact, the accidental sewage will never nourish the basins of evapo-prespiration.

The sewage contained in the basin of storage will permit a continuous working of the installation.

Of the periodic analyses of the sewage to the entry and to the exit of the filter guarantee the follow-up of his/her/its good working.

Zéro rejet - les sécurités du système

Mastery of the climate and nutrition of the plants

The evapo-prespiration is directly function of the development of the biomass.
This development is he tributary of two main factors, the climate, and the nutrition of the plants.

A greenhouse permits a mastery perfected of the relative hygrometry of the atmosphere and a regulation of the ambient temperature by his/her/its system of ventilation. It doesn't exclude the possible installation or the use of a source of heat produced by the factory, in the case of the use of tropical plants.

The classic installation of an irrigation system permits the mastery of the nutrition of the plants by regular application of foliar manure , whose doses are calculated with precision in order to not to bring a supplementary load to the sewage.

The greenhouse permits to become liberated completely from the contributions in pluvial waters and to manage the resource of it.

Zéro rejet - Maitrise du climat et nutrition de végétaux

Limits of the system

This system is limited by the following factors:

The season

The evapo-prespiration will be more important the summer that the winter. A system of retention is necessary to palliate the variations of the climate.

The surface

The dimensionality of the installation being function of the load of the sewage and objectives to reach, the size of the installation can be a brake to the setting up of this system.

The polluting elements (hydrocarbons, herbicides, pesticides)

Some polluting elements are charged toxic too much either for this system of purification by the plants, they generally generate a dimensionality too important of the installation.


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